From Me To You

Rochelle Roman


In my attempt to grow, I’ve experienced unexpected issues in an untimely manner. I owe all of you an apology as well as an explanation even though I can’t even begin to collect my thoughts and describe the continuous problems I’ve faced this year. I wanted to fix all these issues first before writing this so that you all know that it has always been my intention to make things right.


After the back to back typhoons at the end of last year, I faced a major loss in delayed and lost packages. While still attempting to fix that issue, I’ve had even more manufacturing problems which lasted months.


Then, as of late June this year, I received news of my dad having colon cancer. The doctors gave him two weeks left to live. The good news is, he is still alive. That definitely caught us by surprise as we didn’t expect that, but the doctors have been very vague about the situation and you can just imagine by now the roller coaster of emotions my family has faced. It’s been hard keeping up with everything and trying to be there for him as we do not understand the current situation, but we are still trying our best. 


And while all of that was happening, I’ve hired one wrong assistant after another. If you all weren’t aware, I handled everything in the front and back end, from the technical side to customer service and packaging. I’ve attempted to expand my team in hopes I could focus on the more technical parts like bookkeeping, financing, marketing, finding new manufacturers, making sure all the softwares and automations respond well and communicate smoothly with one another, coding, etc. I trusted people to handle certain responsibilities like the front end of the business, which is the customer service side, packaging and processing orders, but it did not go as planned. Orders were being marked wrong, incorrect items were being sent, as well as duplicate packages, and the wrong data was being inputted. Emails weren’t being answered, excuses were being made and everything was slowly falling apart.


These were people I considered “friends” and I let them reap the benefits of the business by giving them a taste of what it was like if we all made a conscious effort to work together and move up in life. It backfired as never in my years of business have I had to correct so many mistakes, most of which weren’t my own and out of my control, all at my own expense. People will always want to be there especially when things are good, but have no idea the work it takes to actually put in. I am at peace and secure with myself because I know exactly what I’ve done for these people despite the rumors said by them. One even went around mentioning how I stopped paying them, when at the end of it, the work they put in (that’s if they came to work and only with an incentive) and the amount of mistakes I had to pay out of my own pocket was even greater than a check. 


It took me almost a year to try and get back Ethereal to my normal routine and how I did things. I’m so glad and relieved to say they have been fired and are no longer affiliated with my brand. It definitely was the most frustrating, stressful time as I had to backtrack on orders that I had no idea what happened to. I’ve worked so hard on this business for 5 years, to build it up and there were so many times I almost gave up because I couldn’t recognize what I was left with. 


I definitely take full responsibility for everything, as I am the face of the business. I appreciate everyone who was patient with me through this process and I never meant to keep anyone in the dark. I just had a hard time accepting certain things and fixing it all on my own. It took a lot out of me mentally and financially, but as disheartening as everything was, I’m so thankful I finally have my business back to where I want it. Again, I sincerely apologize to everyone I let down. I could only move forward now and learn from all of this  



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