Rochelle Roman

If you ordered around this time frame, you may have noticed a delay in packages. Due to recent incidences, our local post office now implemented a new policy that requires customs forms for all packages going to the US.

If you are a frequent shipper or shopper, you might be aware that that is not a USPS requirement for certain packages. In our case, we ship using only First Class mail which does not require US Customs Forms because it is under a specific weight class. Our packaging process has always been smooth, as our labels are automatically printed in batches. We use a POS system that goes by USPS federal requirements so it only prints labels that are needed which means... no domestic customs forms.

It was a huge inconvenience as we were not able to print these forms (Literally tried to integrate our shop with all kinds of POS systems) and on top of that, our post office was unable to provide these forms for the volume of orders that we process as there were many other business affected. If you were not aware, we are a Guam based company. Guam is a US territory and is about 30 miles long. US territories are not able to print customs forms online via USPS or Click N Ship (at least not in batches), hence the minimal local service. 

After long, sleepless nights, we thought it was a dead end. Contacting USPS themselves and other POS systems, they were unable to provide detailed information on how we could obtain these forms while still being able to keep our automated shipping system since they are only accustomed to federal requirements. Thankfully, we finally figured out our own solution after weeks and weeks of research, trial and error, mental breakdowns, and new equipments to install the required softwares. We are now back up and running and getting used to our new system!

Again, a huge thank you to all of our amazing customers for being so incredibly patient and understanding. We are very transparent about our brand reputation and business and that is why we made this newsletter to keep you all updated on everything that has been going on lately. We love the personal relationship we have with all of you and would love to keep it that way.

Happy first anniversary to ethereal! Here’s to more successful years, solving technical issues, and a new addition to our team ;)

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