Rochelle Roman

Welcome to the new ETHEREAL website!


Similar to our previous website, you can see that some sections and graphics remained the same, just more advanced. You now have the option to subscribe to ETHEREAL to receive updates on products and promos. We added a Newsletter section so you can keep up with our recent shop updates which are found on the home page.



And our favorite- the new product page!
We have added:



  • More optimized images, immediate views of other options for certain products, and an easier selection for these options
  • For custom products, you can now note it prior to adding it to the cart instead of writing it in the note section upon check out
  • Switchable tabs for the product description and the “jewelry info, sizing, & care” section for a more accessible, fully-detailed shopping experience
  • Automatic address fill-in upon check out for reduced errors and incomplete submissions



We hope you love it! We are always doing our best to grow and maintain the quality of our brand. 


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