HBIC: Rochelle Roman, 24-year-old
from the beautiful island of Guam

 entrepreneur, creative director, stylist, blogger,
influencer, marketer, and most importantly, a mother

She started Ethereal in 2015 as a passion project
stemming from her love of styling and fashion.
Ethereal took a year break in 2016 and rebranded
on August 2017.

What started as a small free-time passion project
turned into a full-time business as she aspired to
work from home, doing what she loved while
providing for her son. Her goal was to have an
all-around personal brand to inspire, influence,
and empower young mothers and aspiring
entrepreneurs in general.

The definition of self-made,
she started with no capital, no degree, no market, and
managed to network her business from a 30-mile island.
Able to execute everything all on her own, she is not
only the CEO, but the web designer, photographer,
model, graphic artist, marketer, creative director,
stylist, and more. Basically the whole backend
and frontend of the brand.


Handpicking, handcrafting, and designing pieces to
embody her style and aesthetic, Ethereal continues
to grow and develop exponentially. Fast forward to
today, Ro was able to transform her passion into a
6-figure business from home in less than a year
and is now expanding her team.