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Yes, but the difference in metals is dependent on how much gold is used. This guide will help you learn to identify the differences. Our product description states all materials used provided by our jewelers. Understanding these metal terms will help you pick the right jewelry for you. Be aware that the colors presented on the screen might differ slightly than the real-life products due to the color settings of different screens. 



Our jewelry is rhodium plated, which is a precious metal that involves coating the jewelry, giving it more shine, durability, and protection. Rhodium is nickel-free so any piece that is plated with it is hypoallergenic. We use these on our silver pieces as silver naturally oxidizes.



solid gold
  PURE gold is too soft for making jewelry and so other metals are added to it, making it solid gold, the best and most exquisite kind. It is highly valued and the best investment because it is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish or fade. Karat, which is the purity of gold, is used to express the proportion of gold in an alloy or the quality of a gold alloy. 
gold filled
  jewelry is composed of an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another base metal. It’s a quality alternative for solid gold that has the same look and literally contains 100% more gold than plated. This is the best alternative because you get the advantages of gold at a lower cost. It is tarnish-resistant, does not flake off, and lasts years, even a lifetime * if * you take care of it.
gold vermeil
  jewelry is a base of quality sterling silver surrounded by a thick layer of gold. This is a much better and durable alternative to solid gold and does not wear off as easily as gold plated pieces. Because it is made of a silver base, silver is known for oxidizing, but could be avoided by cleaning, maintaining, and proper storing.  
gold plated
  jewelry is a thin layer of gold over a base of non-gold metal(s). It contains very little gold so no matter the price, this is the cheapest material used and will tarnish and fade eventually. How long this plating lasts and whether or not it will leave a mark on your skin solely depends on your body chemistry.
  Sterling silver is over 90% fine silver that is mixed with alloys to provide strength and durability. It does not contain nickel or brass, making it hypoallergenic. It should not wear down with right care and storage.
  Stainless steel is strong and durable, resistant to oxidation. Although containing a small amount of nickel, It has a non-reactive surface making it hypoallergenic, tarnish free, and rust-resistant.
   Gold is a natural element and is affected by chemicals and the environment it is in. Store it properly in an airtight container or in soft cloth to minimize scratches and tarnishing. If you notice the initial shine dulling, it is more likely due to oil, sweat, and dirt built up that can be cleaned by rinsing it in lukewarm water and softly scrubbing it with gentle soap using a soft-bristled brush. Dry well before storing. Do not expose to water and chemicals (i.e. perfume, sweat, lotion, etc). Be aware of any allergies you may have to certain metals.



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  We try our best to provide high-quality products. As a result, all our chains in the “FASHION” category are either Stainless Steel (Hypoallergenic) or 14k Gold Filled, not gold plated. They are made in Italy and are stamped “GF 14k” for authenticity. To cater to budgets, The only plated items we sell are our pendants, which is dependent on what product you selected and the rest is gold filled. Chains in our “FINE” category are solid gold and are stamped as well with what karat you chose.

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